Best Crime Books: Ones to Watch in 2015

Best Crime Books: Ones to Watch in 2015

M J Arlidge – The Doll’s House (Publication 12th Feb 2015)

I have only very recently started reading M J Arlidge, and read the first two books in the series in succession. This series features DI Helen Grace who is a somewhat mystery, even after 2 books. There are still so many things the reader doesn’t know about her that you just want to keep reading. There is also a certain intensity to the way M J Arlidge writes and I cannot wait to get started on Book 3! With a very gruesome and descriptive style of writing, M J Arlidge is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

James Carol – Prey (Publication 5th March 2015)

James Carol has only just started his career and his debut novel Broken Dolls was released in January 2014. The series features Jefferson Winter, an unusual looking man who is an Ex-FBI investigator with a very unusual past. As the son of one of America’s most prolific serial killers, he has his work cut out for him as he tries to distance himself from that part of his life. Books one and two were brilliant and I have a feeling that this series is just going to get better and better and I definitely think he is an author to watch. I can’t wait for book 3 and think it will be better than the last 2 if the synopsis is anything to go by!

Kimberley Chambers – The Wronged (Publication 12th March 2015)

For those that haven’t read any KC, she is fast becoming (or at least it seems that way) everybody’s favourite author in this genre. She broke onto the scene in 2008 and it seems has shot to the top of the charts. She wrote a trilogy of books featuring the Mitchell and O’Hara family. I always thought these characters would be my favorites too, until the Butler family were introduced in the first book The Trap. This was followed last year with Payback and now in March 2015 her latest release is out. I am slightly biased and lucky because I received an early edition of this book and it was everything I expected it would be. It still stays on my list because it is definitely one of my most anticipated reads for 2015, and I have a sneaking suspicion we may see this one topping the Bestseller charts.

Luke Delaney – The Jackdaw (Publication 12th March 2015)

Luke Delaney is a relative ‘newbie’ to the scene and fast becoming one of my top 5 authors! His series features DI Sean Corrigan and if I’m honest it’s one of the freshest and most enthralling series of books to come out for ages. This latest release due out in March 2015 is book 4 in the series and an absolute MUST in my book. Sean Corrigan is a very refreshing lead and has that mysterious air about him that makes me wonder whether he has the potential to go over to the dark side of criminality! It makes for an excellent read and I am yet to be anything other than thrilled by a book of his.

Anna Smith – A Cold Killing (Publication 15th April 2015)

If you haven’t read Anna Smith and her series featuring Rosie Gilmour a journalist, then you really should start about now! Rosie is brilliant and I love the fact she is a journalist and not a copper (makes a change that’s for sure). We are 4 books into the series and this latest release is Book 5. Rosie is a brilliant character who is always getting into trouble and her regular ‘sidekicks’ Matt and Adrian (who I hope we continue to see) are always along for the ride. Anna Smith is certainly not afraid to tackle tricky subjects as she herself was an award winning journalist. As ever will be looking forward to catching up with Rosie later in the year.

Paul Finch – Hunted (Publication 7th May 2015)

DS Mark Heckenburg is the main focus of this series of books by Paul Finch, however the nickname that everyone refers to him as is Heck. I for one am a huge Heck fan, which is surprising considering I only picked up the first in the Heck series in April 2014. I am now officially hooked on Heck:-) Paul Finch is a former copper and journalist and I think it shows in his writing. Heck is a bit of a maverick detective and that makes him all the more likable. By the sound of this newest release, he needs to start watching his back…ohhhh very excited!!!!!!!

Mel Sherratt – Only The Brave (Publication 26th May 2015)

I only recently read books 1 and 2 in the Allie Shenton series created by Mel Sherratt. She has also created a series of books featuring ‘The Estate’. However, after reading the first book in the Allie Shenton series swiftly followed by book 2, I was almost chomping at the bit to see what happens next. Going through my list, I realise that I had rated both the Shenton series books at only 4/5 but for some reason, the series and character of Allie Shenton has stuck and made me incredibly curious. There is a somewhat continuing storyline featuring Allie’s family that I think is the kicker for me and that almost feels like I am being reeled in. Can’t wait!

Peter James – You Are Dead (Publication 4th June 2015)

I have been a Peter James fan for many years and the majority of people who read a lot of Crime will know who he is, and his series featuring Roy Grace is just as popular (if not more so) than his stand alone books. Seeing as I have read all 10 books in the series so far, I await book 11 with baited breath. For those that are fans of the series, all I will say is that this ‘Sandy’ element top the story line really needs to be addressed. Although it’s a constant bugbear of mine, I still get excited and really look forward to a new Roy Grace novel!

Chelsea Cain – Kick Back (Publication 1st September 2015)

Chelsea Cain is a very popular American writer whose series featuring Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell is hugely popular. However last year Chelsea released the first in a new series entitled One Kick featuring Kick Lannigan. Kick Lannigan is an awesome character, famous because she was kidnapped at age six and rescued and returned 5 years later. This makes for a woman that has some serious issues, along with some seriously hardcore skills that she has acquired into her early twenties. Kick is an expert marksman, lock picker, escape artist and bomb maker. She also has some serious attitude. The first in the series literally blew me away and I am hyped to see what book 2 brings!

Paul Grzegorzek – Winter (Publication Late 2015)

Okay, people may find this odd because Paul Grzegorzek is a self published author, and secondly because Flare (the debut featuring Malcolm King) isn’t really a Crime book. Frankly it astounds me that Paul is still not signed to a major agency/publisher, but it makes little or no difference to me, if I like an author I will buy the book! The first book Flare involves a solar flare of unprecedented magnitude hitting the Earth, effectively hurling us back to the stone age in a matter of hours. Malcolm is thrust into a terrifying new world as he travels the length of the country to find his young daughter. He is back in a follow up entitled Winter. At first I was reluctant to read Flare, because it sounded too much like Science Fiction. However, I am firmly putting it into the Thriller category (with a dash of sci-fi). The first book was even better that I could have imagined, and because of my initial reaction, it made it so much more enjoyable! I am so excited to read the second book, and as soon as I know the confirmed release date will let you all know.

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