Becky Masterman’s Top Reads

Becky Masterman’s Top Reads

The book came about after Becky challenged her husband to write a novel in a month. Although Becky’s husband won the race, she fell in love with the character she’d created, and despite many changes to the thriller that became ‘Rage Against the Dying’ along the way, Brigid Quinn stayed very much the same. With her second title ‘Fear the Darkness’ out in February, Becky’s loyal fan base and gripped readers are sure to keep growing.

A keen reader and thriller fan herself, we asked Becky what her top reads of all time would be. We spotted plenty of classics but there were a few modern gems in there too.

Choosing ten favourites is hard. This is a list of some that blew me away with a perfect combination of great writing, heart and clever concept. Most of the books listed here are the first books I discovered by the authors. They may not be the author’s most acclaimed work, but reading that first book is like falling in love the first time. The rest are great, too, but you never forget the initial infatuation. I regret that my tastes run more to male writers than to my sisters who deserve great praise, but there are some women on this list. Maybe it’s because one of my delights in reading is to understand what is outside my ken. I already know the mind of a woman.

Becky Masterman’s new book ‘Fear the Darkness’ is available to order online today as a Paperback or eBook.

Were you surprised by any of Becky’s choices? Were there any that you’re a big fan of yourself? Let us know in the comments box below.

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