Bear Grylls: Insanely Good Chocolate Cake Recipe

Bear Grylls: Insanely Good Chocolate Cake Recipe

  1. List Of Ingredients
  2. For the base
  3. 150g cashew nuts
  4. 80g desiccated coconut or oats
  5. 60g dates
  6. 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  7. salt, to taste (about ¼ tsp)
  8. For the chocolate topping
  9. 3 tbsp raw cacao powder
  10. 150g cashew nuts
  11. 75ml maple syrup
  12. 2½ tbsp coconut oil, melted
  13. 60ml lemon juice
  14. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  15. 1 tbsp water
  16. a little stevia, to taste, if you want things sweeter


Lightly grease a 20cm round cake tin and line it with lightly greased baking paper.

Start with the base. Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until you have a sticky ball. Put into the cake tin and press down with the back of a spoon.

For the topping, blend all the ingredients until smooth. Spread the topping over the base. If you like a chunkier version, vary the blending time so there are still some crunchy nut pieces left in the mix.

Freeze for an hour before eating. After that (if anything is left), keep it in the fridge.

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