Are You Brave Enough to Read These Stalker Suspense Books on Your Own?

Are You Brave Enough to Read These Stalker Suspense Books on Your Own?

The Book of You – Claire Kendal

Claire Kendal’s chilling debut explores how far a woman is expected to be polite and courteous when a pursuer’s persistent romantic gestures cross a line into obsessive and intrusive behaviour. Rafe has made his interest in Clarissa clear, but when her fear of offending him allows things to go too far, his obsessive behaviour steps up a notch and Clarissa is soon making notes and collecting evidence for the police. At the same time Clarissa is serving jury duty for a violent case of kidnap and abuse, and she can’t help but find parallels in her own story. Could she be in even more trouble than she realises?

Disturbing and thought-provoking, this novel exposes the danger of victim-blaming with characters that stick in your mind long afterwards.

Stalker – Lars Kepler

Lars Kepler’s fifth book in the Joona Linna series tells a terrifying story of a serial killer who stalks their victims, secretly filming them before violently beating them to death. The videos are being sent one at a time to the National Criminal Investigation Department in Stokholm, but by the time the police see them the victims are already dead. Detective Margot Silverman is on the case, and now it’s a race against time to figure out who the next target is before it’s too late.

Chilling, edge-of-your seat terror, Stalker taps into that hair-raising fear of being watched and takes it to a terrifying new level.

I See You – Clare Mackintosh

The second novel from acclaimed crime writer Clare Mackintosh shows us the dark and sinister side of the London Underground, revealing how vulnerable our routines and habits make us. Zoe Walker is a regular commuter on the tube who discovers a photo of herself in the classifieds section of a newspaper. The picture changes to a different woman each day, and soon they’re becoming the victims of dangerous crimes. Is someone watching these women as they make their way home? And is Zoe in more danger than she realises?

The Underground can be a scary enough place as it is, so frankly we’re terrified after reading Clare’s nerve-jangling story. With twists and turns along the way, Clare has brought some of our deepest fears to life.

The Escape – C.L. Taylor

C.L. Taylor’s fourth psychological thriller – The Escape – explores how quickly a subtle threat can turn into a nightmare. For Jo Blackmore, it starts when she agrees to give a stranger a lift. She thinks she’s doing a good deed, but she soon realises she’s made a big mistake when the stranger reveals that she knows everything about Jo’s life. After a sinister comment about Jo’s husband Max, Jo begins questioning everyone in her life and everything quickly starts to fall apart. The police, social services and even Max don’t believe Jo’s fears, and she’s left with no choice but to take drastic action.

Tense, fast-paced and uncomfortable, The Escape plays with that horrible feeling of losing control and not being believed.

Blood Sisters – Jane Corry

Blood Sisters is a unique take on the stalker story, as someone watches and waits for their chance to take revenge. The story focuses on sisters Alison and Kitty, who were involved in a horrible accident as children which left a third little girl dead. Fifteen years later, Alison is hiding her secrets while functioning as an art teacher, while her sister Kitty lives in a care home with no apparent memory of the accident from their childhood. But someone does remember, and they’re watching the sisters very closely. They want deadly revenge for what happened fifteen years ago and the past is about to catch up with them all.

This dark and compelling story will keep you hooked all night.

Final Girls – Riley Sager

The Final Girls is a group that no one wants to belong to; survivors of terrible massacres who have been given their collective name by the press. Despite the grouping by the newspapers, the girls never meet, until one of them is found dead in her bathtub and Sam turns up at Quincy’s door. It seems that the past isn’t finished with them yet, and someone is still watching them.

Full of twists and turns this is not one for the faint-hearted. You may just find you have it all figured out, until Riley Sager pulls the rug out from under you feet and reveals that you really didn’t have a clue.

The Breakdown – B.A. Paris

After Cass Anderson decides not to pull over and help a woman parked in the woods who is later discovered dead, her life begins to fall apart. She’s started forgetting important things such as making plans with friends, and where she parked her car. Plus, she’s started receiving sinister silent phone calls that convince her she’s being watched. The constant anxiety is making her desperate to know who killed the woman she left in the woods, and she’ll stop at nothing to get answers.

Shocking and gripping, B.A. Paris pulls you into Cass’s story and keeps you on your toes until the very end.

You – Caroline Kepnes

In today’s world of social media where we put our lives online for everyone to see, we are much more vulnerable to being watched without ever really knowing it. You is told from the perspective of Joe Goldberg, a bookstore worker who takes a beautiful customer’s name from her credit card and searches the internet for more information about her. With access to her social accounts, Joe soon learns enough about Beck to transform himself into her perfect man and to set things up so that she falls into his arms. Joe’s obsession and controlling behaviour doesn’t stop there, and he’s willing to remove any foreseeable obstacle that threatens their relationship, even if it means murder.

A stark and unsettling look at how exposed our digital lives leave us, You is a unique take on stalker suspense.

XO – Jeffery Deaver

Lots of us consider ourselves to be fans of certain singers and pop stars, but what happens when that fandom crosses the line into obsession? Edwin Sharp is singer-songwriter Kayleigh Towne’s biggest fan, but his grip on reality starts to blur when she responds to his fan letter and signs it ‘XO’. Despite what Kayleigh or her lawyers say, Edwin is sure that Kayleigh loves him and that her latest song was written about him. Meanwhile, Kayleigh starts getting sinister, anonymous phone calls right before people she knows start to die. Special agent Kathryn Dance and forensic criminalist Lincolyn Rhyme are on the case, but can they put a stop to this before more people die?

A chilling story of delusion and obsession, Jeffery Deaver is the master of intricate plots and nail-biting suspense.

Creep – Jennifer Hillier

When psychology professor Dr Sheila Tao starts an affair with Ethan Wolfe – a charming graduate student – she knows it spells trouble, but consumed with lust and guilt she lets it continue for three months. When she finally breaks it off to get engaged to her boyfriend, Ethan can’t let it go. As things start to escalate, a star student is found stabbed to death and Sheila begins to see the monster that Ethan has become.

This dark and suspenseful story will keep you on your toes throughout as things become more and more extreme. Impossible to put down and leaves with a queasy feeling you’ll find hard to shake.

Into the Darkest Corner – Elizabeth Haynes

Into the Darkest Corner tells an unsettling and disturbing story of the shift of a thrilling and exciting new relationship that descends into an abusive and controlling environment that lead character Catherine feels unable to escape from. Told from two points in time, we learn more about Lee’s extreme change in personality during the couple’s relationship, as well as the fear and anxiety that remains with Catherine four years later when Lee is released from prison.

What makes this story stand out is the believability of its characters and emotions. Elizabeth almost manages to make the readers fall for Lee themselves at the beginning of their relationship before building that horrible, checking-over-your-shoulder feeling in us when he’s released from prison.

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