An Exclusive Interview with Craig Glenday and Stephen Daultrey from Guinness World Records™

An Exclusive Interview with Craig Glenday and Stephen Daultrey from Guinness World Records™

An Exclusive Interview with Craig Glenday and Stephen Daultrey from Guinness World Records™ Transcript

Stephen: A lot of the time the records have really great stories behind them as well, I think that’s one thing, it’s all very well reading the record but you’ve got the story about how someone’s done something or why they’ve done it. It’s really diverse as well when someone’s done something that’s really extraordinary.

What’s your favourite record from this year?

Craig: For me from the main book there’s so many but I think one that really amazed me was the loop the loop in the car which was Terry Grant, a British stunt driver who did a 19m diameter loop. Imagine driving in a car, you’ve got to get the speed right cos when you get to the top and you slow down, if you haven’t got the speed right you’re going to just drop so it had to be 53 miles per hour you had to hit the ramp and then you drop in speed to about 15 miles per hour but any slower than that then you’d probably fall off. He did that and it was quite spectacular to watch really. And for us it’s a new category as well cos we always come up with new ideas. To see something like that was really quite special.

Stephen: My favourite one probably, if you can see Batman slightly behind me – there’s a big batman behind me. Basically there’s this really cool cosplayer who lives in Ireland but he’s actually from the UK and he built this incredible batman suit based on a video game called Arkham Origins and he then spent about three months loading it up with these incredible working gadgets so it’s the most functioning gadgets on a cosplay suit and the gadgets had the grapnel gun, back-tracking devices, all really technical, impressive geeky stuff and he wanted to take it to lots of cosplay conventions but obviously can’t get it through customs now cos obviously there’s smoke pellets and all these things flying off him so they were like no, cart him off to the jail.

So that’s probably my favourite one. Actually there’s another really cool one. There’s this guy who completed this game which I’m rubbish at called Dark Souls. Can’t play it at all, I gave up after smashing my controller on the wall. He basically completed it with rock band guitar controller, a keyboard, drums, his voice, everything and yeah so that’s pretty amazing. There are gamers doing some pretty incredible stuff these days. I’m not one of them.

What’s your favourite thing about Guinness World Records™ fans?

Stephen: Not one Guinness World Record ™ fan yet has refused my autograph. That’s been really cool cos I went to a games event quite recently and we were selling the gamer’s books and there were kids with their mums and dads and they were all saying ‘oh do you want the editor to sign your book for you?’ and everyone was like ‘oh yeah, yeah, really cool’ and I just sort of said earlier I was waiting for that one kid to just look at me and go ‘nah’ like that. Didn’t happen but one dad had to go and consult his kid who was off somewhere else if he wanted my signature cos he wasn’t slightly sure so yeah that’s quite a cool thing about GWR fans.

What’s the funniest things that happened to you at Guinness World Records™?

Stephen: Can I answer that question for you?

Craig: Yes, I made a bit of a boo boo on TV doing Through the Keyhole and I was adjudicating Keith Lemon and Gino D’Acampo on the record for the most Christmas crackers pulled in three minutes and it was only me on my own and I had a stopwatch and a clicker. I said ‘3, 2, 1, go’ and I started to watch and it’s very fast when it starts to a trend to pull crackers and half-way thorough I looked at the stop watch just to see how we were doing and hadn’t started it and I thought ‘oh no what am I doing, are they timing it maybe, are they timing it on the show and I don’t need to bother?’ I was just watching all these crackers go down cos they were going really fast, they’d got through half the crackers and I was thinking oh no and I stared to laugh, I couldn’t help laughing. I started to laugh and that put Gino off who was saying ‘what are you doing, why are you laughing?’ And eventually I just had to say ‘I’m really sorry I forgot to start the stop watch, or it didn’t start properly’. But luckily they had plenty of crackers left so they said ‘we won’t’ show it don’t worry we’ll can that footage, you’ll never see it again’ and of course I watched the show and it was shown to everyone and then it was on ‘It will be Alright on the Night’ and it’s shown every other week now. I keep getting texts from people saying ‘oh I’ve just seen you on TV, making a huge error.’ I was like thanks but it was quite funny and it extends your time on the show as well so you get twice the time on the show when you make a mistake so sometimes it’s good to make mistakes.

Stephen: I’m just incredibly professional at my job and nothing funny has ever happened full stop.

What’s the mist challenging record you’ve had to verify?

Stephen: Crackers, anything that involves a list so like we’ve got a big Star Wars section in the current book so we had to verify for records, Star Wars apparently has got the most prolific video game franchise based on a film license. So we had to go through hundreds of these Star Wars releases working out which one’s an actual proper release, which one’s not a special edition, which one’s not an expansion pack, which one’s not a remake. So you’ve got a spreadsheet so you’re going on counting and counting and your head’s about to explode and you just want to cry and they’re pretty challenging.

What can we expect in this year’s edition?

Craig: I was particularly impressed with Joseph Toedtling, who’s an Australian stunt man who has the full body burn record so as a stunt man sets himself on fire for longest time, it’s about 5 minutes 40 seconds I think. The key is to keep moving to keep the flames off your face so he took it to the extreme level and thought ‘Ok I’m going to have myself dragged by a horse on fire’. He’s on fire, not the horse obviously and was dragged 500 meters by a horse so that’s fairly extreme as well talking of extreme records. Yeah, we’ve got Didga the cat, it was actually a play off, who’s the smartest, the dog or the cat by seeing how many tricks they can do in one minute and Smurf the dog beat the Didga the cat so dogs are smarter I think. There are two new records there. Dog with the longest tail. The new tallest female dog, it’s about a meter to the shoulder.

Stephen: Are you sure that dogs are smarter than cats? I thought it was just that cats can’t be bothered. They’re just like ‘meh I can’t be bothered to do that, meh’ that sort of thing. ‘Meow I can’t be bothered to do that, meow.’

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