Adele Parks Reveals her Top 5 Reads

Adele Parks Reveals her Top 5 Reads

Her latest book, Spare Brides, is another powerful and emotional novel, this one following four remarkable women who are all rebuilding their lives in the post-First World War era. It’s all set to be another bestseller. We know that millions of fans across the world love Adele’s novels; but what are her top five must-reads? Here, she reveals her current top 5 books.

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1. Life After Life- Kate Atkinson One of my best reads this year was Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. It’s truly brilliant and different; I found this such an exciting and new way to tell a story. The narrative begins in 1910 and starts over and over and over again, making a point about life’s vagaries and certainties. It’s ambitious but playful and without doubt gripping. I loved it although it’s probably not for those who like a clear beginning, middle and end!

Testament of Youth- Vera Brittain

2. Testament of Youth- Vera Brittain This was an invaluable source for me when I was writing Spare Brides. It’s one of the most famous autobiographies of the First World War and rightly so. A heart-breaking account of how Brittain survived the period; how she lost her brother and fiancé; what it was like to nurse the wounded and how she finally emerged into a different world. A passionate record of the lost generation.

The Rosie Project- Graeme Simsion

3. The Rosie Project- Graeme Simsion Then, if you’ve had enough of WWI, try this wonderful contemporary novel The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. This is the love story of Don Tillman – a professor of genetics who has Asperger’s and needs routine, reason and stability in all matters – and chaotic, funny, irresponsible Rosie, who blunders into his life. Witty, different and wonderfully romantic.

Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell

4. Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell A completely beautiful book about first love. Set in 1986 and full of funny and interesting retro pop culture references. It’s poignant and hopeful although sometimes shocking. A tear-jerking, winning romance that you won’t be able to put down.

Pessimism for Beginners- Sophie Hannah

5. Pessimism for Beginners- Sophie Hannah Then for something altogether different you could have a look at Pessimism for Beginners by Sophie Hannah. She’s well known for her exciting thrillers but this is acollection of poems, mostly about love, or the lack of. Her work is shrewd, witty and very readable.

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