9 Year Old Daniel Tells us about Newspapers for Children

9 Year Old Daniel Tells us about Newspapers for Children

Aimed at children aged 7-14, this weekly children’s newspaper introduces kids to current events, highlighting relevant issues, informing them of interesting facts and entertaining them too. Covering everything from the environment, home affairs and international news to sports, puzzles and entertainment, this full colour tabloid is designed to help our little ones become more aware of the world around them.

‘Presents the news without dumbing down and is enjoyed by all the family.’

‘Getting a subscription to First News was the best present I got! I love it because it makes me feel very grown up.’

‘I love First News because they tell you news first before anyone else and they tell facts about technology, hospitals, around the world and space’

We’ve heard the reviews from parents and children singing this kid’s newspaper’s praises, but we decided to catch avid reader- 9 year old Daniel- to find out more.

Hi Daniel- can you tell me a bit about First News- what is it?

It is a newspaper that is especially designed for children.

What sort of articles are your favourite to read?

All of it really, but I think probably the sport and the general news. In the general news it is split into world news and British news. I also really like the page where children can write in and ask questions about things they might have problems with that they can’t talk to their friends or parents about

Do any of your friends read the news?

My friend Jack gets First News too – we always talk about it at school on Friday because it gets delivered every Friday and we always wonder what will be in it each week. But school also get copies of it, so all my friends can read it in the classroom too.

Do you ever talk to your friends or family about what you’ve been reading?

Yes, I talk to Jack. But also -because I have read about things- when I see things on the main news that my mum and dad are watching it makes more sense.

What’s the best thing about having your own newspaper?

A children’s paper is better than something like The Times or The Telegraph because it means you don’t have to have a really complicated description of what is happening. It is easier to read than big newspapers because it is for kids.

What would you write about if you had to write something for a newspaper?

I would write in the sports section, or maybe the picture of the week.

Is the newspaper similar to stuff you read at school or is it different?

Well, we get the paper at school too, but it’s good because if we are writing newspaper articles at school then we can look at First News and get ideas for what to write and how to write it.

What would you tell someone that has never read it before?

It’s really good, and not boring at all!

How would you rate it out of 10?

10 / 10

Find out more about First News here

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