5 Ways to Customise Your Stationery This Summer

5 Ways to Customise Your Stationery This Summer

  1. You Will Need:
  2. Acrylic paint in the colour of your choice
  3. Plain pencils to paint
  4. 1x Pencil for writing
  5. 1x Ultra-fine marker pen
  6. 1x Small paintbrush

Painted Pencils

OK so you can buy some pretty cool pencils these days, but it’s so much fun to make your own! There are lots of things you can do to turn your pencils into little works of art in themselves – from covering them with gemstone stickers to jazzing up the ends with some PVA glue and glitter.

We love this nifty idea for turning regular pencils into inspiring, motivational messages – perfect for taking the edge off going back to school!


1. Using a small paintbrush and acrylic paints in the colour of your choice, paint each pencil and rest them upright against a wall to let them dry. You may need to do another coat after a minute or so. Leave to dry.

2. After a few hours, write your inspriational words in pencil (just in case you make any mistakes!) Some of our favourite ideas include:

“Believe in Yourself”
“Follow your Dreams”
“Stay Sassy”
“I’m a Genius”
“Blah Blah Blah”
Or simply write your name and ensure no one forgets to return your pencil after borrowing!

3. Go over your words with an ultra-fine marker pen, allow the ink to dry, and voilà! You have your own set of super stylish pencils!

Image via Hello Glow


  1. You Will Need
  2. 1x Black notebook or journal
  3. Metallic marker pens
  4. 1x Lightly dampened cloth

Metallic Journals

How do you turn a plain old journal into something that you can’t wait to write in? By adding shimmering metallic of course, and perhaps an inspirational quote to boot!

Whether you use it in school, in the office, or just at home to jot down ideas or ‘to-do’ lists, you’ll be looking for any excuse to get using this.


1. Get hold of a black notebook or journal

2. Sketch a design using white chalk or white chalk transfer paper. It could be a picture, a pattern, a quote or a line from your favourite movie – the choice is yours! Some of our favourite ideas include:

“Mischief Managed”
“I’d Tell you a Chemistry Joke but I Know I Wouldn’t get a Reaction”
“She Believed She Could, So She Did”
“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”
“Plans for World Domination…”

3. Go over your design using a metallic marker pen – the design pictured uses gold but we think silver would work just as well. When the ink is dry, wipe off the chalk marks using a lightly dampened cloth.

Top Trick: Why stop at notebooks? You could also make this striking effect on black clipboards, ring binders and magazine files!

Image via lilblueboo.com


DIY Watermelon Ring Binder

Fruit prints are all the rage at the moment, didn’t you know? From lemons to pears and pineapples, we can’t get enough of all things tropical; and at least if the holidays are a washout, your school bag will be the vision of summer! Get a taste of the tropics with this adorable watermelon ring binder. One of the best things about it is the chalkboard label on the front, meaning you can re-use it again and again for different classes and documents – how clever is that?


1. Trim the card so that it fits the front of the ring binder. Use a ruler and a pencil to help you get the measurements correct. Do this first with the pink card, then with the green.

2. Fix the card into place by attaching double-sided sticky tape along each edge of the card, before turning it over and placing onto the ring binder cover. Smooth out any lumps with the sides of your hands.

3. Using a black marker pen, draw the teardrop-shaped watermelon ‘seeds’ onto the pink section of card.

4. Attach a black chalkboard label – choose a shape that you like best – and using chalk, write down what you’re going to keep in your folder, eg. French, Maths, English, Letters.

Image via Shelby Maxine at YouTube


  1. You Will Need
  2. 4x Sheets of card (white card has been used in the picture but you could use any colour!)
  3. 1x Additional sheet of card (we recommend a light colour such as white)
  4. Acrylic paint (gold paint has been used in the picture but you could use any colour!)
  5. Tape
  6. 1x Hole punch
  7. 1x Paintbrush
  8. 1x Pencil that you don’t mind getting messy
  9. 1x Marker pen

Fancy Gold Dividers

Folders shouldn’t just look great from the outside; you can also make your own dividers to jazz up the inside! Store your homework or important documents in style with these fancy gold file dividers in on-trend stripe, chevron and polka-dot designs – you won’t be able to resist staying organised! We think they’d also look great with gold glitter added over the top while the paint is still wet – double the glitz, double the fun!


1. For the chevrons and horizontal stripes, use the tape to make your design and paint in between the taped areas. When the paint is dry, remove the tape to reveal the finished look.

2. For the polka dot pattern, use the end of a pencil dipped in paint.

3. Mark where your holes need to go, according to your file, and punch holes into each divider.

4. Cut out small rectangles from a separate piece of white card to make your tabs, and tape into place on each piece of card – remember not to put all the tabs in the same place, positioning them to create a staggered effect.

5. Use a black marker pen to mark each tab.

6. Place into your folder and admire your handiwork!

Image via Jade Lo at Youtube


  1. You Will Need
  2. 1x Plain notebook in a colour of your choice (we recommend a kraft notebook to achieve the same effect as the picture)
  3. Scissors
  4. Washi (patterned) tape

Washi Tape Notebook

This is one of the easiest stationery hacks on our list – all you need is a plain or brightly coloured notebook, scissors, and as many different washi tapes as you can get your hands on (we’re pretty addicted to it over here!) Washi tapes come in a huge range of colours and patterns, and of course the pattern you create on your notebook is up to you!


1. Decide what type of a pattern or effect you wish to create – it could be vertical, horizontal or stripes; a chevron design; or a lattice effect with overlapping strips of tape. You could even create a checkerboard design!

2. Cut the strips of tape to your desired length and get sticking!

Image via My Life at Playtime
Header Image via DIY Inspired

Get personalising your stationery this summer and don’t forget to share your pictures with us in the comments box below.

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