5 Things to Cover in Glitter for New Year’s Eve

5 Things to Cover in Glitter for New Year’s Eve

  1. You Will Need:
  2. A leaf (to draw around)
  3. Metallic card
  4. 1x Pencil
  5. 1x Assorted glitter
  6. 1x Paintbrush
  7. 1x Hole punch
  8. 1x Glue
  9. 1x Scissors
  10. 1x Assorted ribbon

Falling Leaves Garland

Bunting has an uncanny ability to make anything it is draped over look that little bit spiffier. But at New Year, you want something slightly more glam, something that stands out – something hygge-like but just that little bit jazzier: you want glitter-covered autumn leaves, of course!

Make sure you consider your colour scheme before getting started. We’d recommend gold, silver and bronze. Now, ribbons at the ready.


1. Draw around the leaf on the metallic card using a pencil. If you don’t have any leaves to hand, then you can make up your own leaf shape (we think maple leaf-style works best), or you can reject leaves altogether and go for stars, letters… whatever you want!

2. Carefully cut out the leaf shape.

3. Use a paintbrush to apply glue to one side of your cardboard leaf.

4. Now for the good part: get your glitter out and sprinkle like you’ve never sprinkled before!

5. Once the glue has dried, just give it a little shake to get rid of the excess glitter (we like to do this part to the soundtrack of Frozen).

6. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the stem-side of the cardboard leaf.

7. Once this is done, you can just thread through your ribbon and tie a knot to secure it.

8. Do as many leaves as you need, and once they’re dried, tie these smaller ribbons (the ones holding the leaves) onto a larger ribbon that will stretch across the room. Wahoo! You’re done. Take a small bow! Hurray! Like autumn, but a little bit snazzier. Happy New Year to you.

Top tip: if you’re feeling a little lazy, or don’t have time for the glitter to dry, then you can just use glitter card (yep, you heard us right) and skip out stage 2, 3 and 4.

Image via House of Jade Interiors Blog

Glitter Frames

This simple tutorial is for…*drumroll*… glitter photo frames. Perfect for displaying happy memories of a party or Christmas Day shots of family. So, grab your fave photos and get glittering!


1. Remove the back and glass from the frame and lay it down display side up on some newspaper.

2. Smother the frame in a nice thick coat of glue.

3. Get your ‘glitter on’ – add liberal amounts of glitter until the frame is completely covered.

4. Leave it to dry and then reassemble. Repeat for as many frames as you need.

5. Don’t forget to add photos to the frames for the party!

Top trick: if you don’t want to use photo frames, why not make your own with some thick card instead?

Image via …By Allison

  1. You Will Need
  2. 4 sheets of cardboard
  3. Assorted glitter pens
  4. 1x Garland/ tinsel (in a shiny material)
  5. 1x Stapler
  6. 1x Glue gun
  7. Plenty of string or elastic
  8. 1x Hole punch
  9. Decorations (optional)

Party Hats

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve made a new rule: it’s simply not a party without party hats.

Here’s our tutorial for making your own shiny beacons of celebration to wear, and perhaps to snap that perfect selfie as midnight approaches. Don’t forget to top up on sparkly things first.


1. You need a piece of card to start. You could choose plain and get creative with the decorations later, or try out our glitter card or metallic card for a simple, polished finish.

2. If you have an old party hat, then you can open it up, and trace around it to give you a guide. If not, you can use trial and error to help the hat form the right cone shape for your head. Use scissors to cut the cardboard so that it’s a perfect fit.

3. Now it’s the fun part – decorating your hats! We recommend shiny glitter pens to as they’re easy to draw with, but the possibilities for decorating are endless. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Write ‘2017’ in glitter
Use a glue stick to coat the card in glitter
Add stickers, confetti or googly eyes
Write your party guests’ names in glitter
Make glittery stars or polka dots to stick to your hat

4. Staple the tinsel (you probably have some lying around after Christmas) around the bottom of the hat, affixing some to the top, too. You could also use a gift bow for the top, or some general shiny stuff to lace around the base of the hat if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Glue the side of the hat together using a glue gun, so that it forms the cone shape. Leave it to dry.

6. Once dry, use a hole punch at both sides to make holes for the string, and then thread it through so that it fits around your head securely. Tie knots to secure the string in place.

Image via Pumpkin and a Princess

Glitter Stairs

We all know how important it is to make an entrance to a party. So, if you’re celebrating New Year at home, why not make your own glitter staircase so that you can greet your guests in style? Move over, red carpet…


1. Measure the size of the horizontal part of one of the steps of your staircase using a ruler.

2. Draw around pieces of glitter card, making them the same size as the stair – you might need two pieces to cover each stair. Then cut them to size. Do this for all the stairs in your staircase.

3. Affix blue tack to your card and pop it onto the stairs, pressing down hard on each one to make sure it’s affixed to the stair.

4. Voila, you have the glittery stairway of dreams.

Top Trick: this won’t work on carpeted stairs, but if you’re feeling daring (and don’t have any pets or young children) then simply sprinkle some glitter over your carpet. Be warned: this is not a one-night trick, you will be vacuuming those glitter specks up for the rest of January!! On second thoughts, it’s a fool’s errand, we don’t recommend it, STOP, PUT THE GLITTER DOWN!!

Image via Pinterest

Starry Sky Canvas

“3…2…1… Happy New Year!” When you celebrate New Year’s, you always want it to feel that little bit special. So why not capture the starry sky in a glittery-as-can-be canvas to decorate your walls? “But how do you make your own starry sky canvas?” you ask. With glitter, of course! How else?


1. Cover the whole of your canvas in glue. Think of it a little like the weather: at the bottom of the canvas you want it to be a thunder storm of glitter, but at the top you just want a light drizzle – so that the glitter fades in an ombre-style effect.

2. You may have to reapply glitter to the bottom of the canvas to get the desired consistency.

3. Use scissors or a craft knife to make a hole in the middle of the canvas, then push a fairy light through, keeping the wire at the back of the canvas. Then make more holes for more lights, until your canvas sparkles like a starry sky *twinkle*.

Image via Joann

Get crafting this New Year’s Eve and don’t forget to share your pictures with us in the comments box below.

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