5 Fun Projects to Personalise with Sharpie Pens

5 Fun Projects to Personalise with Sharpie Pens

Make a fashion statement

There’s nothing more awkward than turning up to an event and realising you’re wearing the same thing as someone else. One way to eliminate the embarrassment of unintentionally twinning with a stranger is by personalising your clothes with Sharpie pens! From baseball caps to cotton t-shirts and canvas shoes, it’s possible to decorate any plain item of clothing with fabric marker Sharpie pens. Quick drying, fade and water resistant you can draw your design using Sharpie pens with the peace of mind that it will stay put.

Use every colour under the sun or stick to a simple scheme to create a unique design and show off your creative flair. If you’re not feeling brave enough to draw straight onto the fabric with the pens, sketch out your design in pencil first before going over it with a Sharpie. An inexpensive way of creating one-off pieces, you certainly won’t find anything like it on the high-street and your friends will be asking where you got it from!

Add a personal touch to gifts

Show someone how much they mean to you by adding a personal touch to their gift with Sharpie pens. A simple but effective way of jazzing up plain gift boxes, simply place the present into a plain box and go to town decorating it with Sharpie pens!

Metallic Sharpie pens will give the gift box a luxe look and extra special feel. Bear in mind that lighter shades of Sharpie pens, like silver, gold and white show up best on darker coloured surfaces and visa versa. Again, you can lightly sketch your design in pencil first if you’re not confident in drawing directly onto your box in pen. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or wedding gift, the recipient will appreciate the effort you put into personalising their present.

Upgrade your phone case

Phone cases don’t have to just be practical, they can be pretty too. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a fancy new phone case, you can design one yourself and be sure no one else will have the same cover as you. Use Sharpie pens to create a truly unique case for your phone and be the envy of all your friends. Find yourself a blank white phone case and decorate using fine point Sharpie pens, which will help you draw intricate patterns.

Make sure you spray your finished design with a fixative spray to ensure that your design doesn’t rub off over time. From aztec and geometric patterns to zig zags and polka dots, there are so many different designs to create, you could make one for every day of the week!

Mix up your mugs

We all have those mugs at the back of the cupboard that often get neglected because they’re just a bit boring. Why not give your plain cups and mugs a bit of a makeover by personalising them with Sharpie pens. There are so many different things you could decorate your mugs with, from a meaningful quote to cute graphics like the ones above. You could even write the names of your friends on each mug and give them away as personal, thoughtful gifts that they will treasure forever.

To personalise ceramics or porcelain, it’s best to use Paint Sharpie Markers to ensure that your design will stay on the mug, even after washing. Prepare your mug by wiping it completely clean with surgical spirit to remove any residue. It’s a good idea to practice what you’re going to draw on paper first before putting it on the mug to avoid mistakes. Once you’ve finished your design, leave it to dry overnight then place the mug in the oven for half an hour at 200ºC. Make sure you leave it in the oven to cool so that it doesn’t crack. You are then left with a fun, totally unique mug that you’ll want to proudly put at the front of your cupboard and use time and time again.

Skateboard in style

Since the mid seventies skateboarders have been decorating the bottom of their decks with bold illustrations and graphics to express their personal-style. Even renowned artists like Andy Warhol have used skateboard decks as canvases for limited editions and collectible prints to be displayed on the wall. Whatever your artistic talent, you can create your own masterpiece on a skateboard deck using Sharpie pens.

Not only is it an inexpensive and fun way of customising your skateboard but you can express your personality with your design and stand out in the skatepark. Simply find a blank wooden skateboard deck and draw on your design, whether it’s a simple pattern or detailed illustration. Once you’ve finished, take your skateboard to the park and show off your handiwork when you do tricks and flips! If skateboarding isn’t your sport but you’re a keen mountain biker or skier then you can always put your stamp on your helmet by personalising it with Sharpie pens.

Browse our full range of Sharpie pens here to start personalising. Make sure you ask the owner’s permission before decorating objects with Sharpie pens.

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