5 DIY Stationery Storage Ideas for Your Desk

5 DIY Stationery Storage Ideas for Your Desk

  1. You Will Need:
  2. 1x Piece of A4 paper in any colour of your choice.

Origami Pen Holder

These cute little pen holders are not only fun and easy to make, they provide a home for all those loose pens and pencils on your desk and are ideal for keeping clutter at bay.

The best thing is, all you need to make one is a piece of A4 paper! Choose paper in a pretty pattern or bright colour to instantly liven up your desk.


1. Fold a piece of A4 paper in half and open back out. Fold the two sides to meet at the centre fold. Open back out and fold back in half along the centre fold. With the centre fold on the right hand side, fold the bottom right corner up to meet the centre crease. Repeat and do the same with the top right corner.

2. On the left hand side fold the top layer of the bottom left corner to the centre. Do the same for the top left corner. Fold the bottom edge up along the top of the triangles. Open back out and do the same on the opposite side. Open out and lay flat with the triangles at the top.

3. Take the bottom layer with the triangle corners and fold up. Press this flat. Lift this layer up to reveal a pocket. Lift and pull back to make the back and two sides of your box. You may need to refold along the side creases to help form your box.

4. Rotate your box to the side and bring the two points marked in the bottom right photo together. As you bring the two corners together a triangle wing will form. Press this flat and crease. Stand your box up and wrap the wing around to the side. Tuck the wing into the triangle pocket.

5. Lay your box on its side and repeat the steps above. Bring the two corners together and press the wing flat. To finish wrap around and tuck under the triangle pocket.

Image via Gathering Beauty


  1. You Will Need
  2. Cereal Boxes
  3. Gift wrap
  4. Tape
  5. Double-sided sticky tape
  6. 1x Pencil
  7. Scissors
  8. 1x Ruler
  9. 1x Scalpel

Cereal Box Draw Dividers

We all have that one draw that turns into a dumping ground for odd bits and bobs and when you need something, it’s almost impossible to find it amongst the mess of stationery! That’s where draw dividers are the perfect solution.

Instead of buying ones that might not fit your draw, these ones made from cereal boxes are easy and inexpensive to make. Plus they’re a fantastic way of recycling old cereal boxes so you’re doing your bit for the planet!


1. Place your cereal boxes in a draw to see how they’ll fit in together then use the side of the draw as a guide to mark the height around each edge of the box. Using a scalpel, cut the boxes along your marked lines.

2. Next cut the gift wrap into slices to decorate your dividers. Start by using a thin strip across the bottom of the divider and sticking it down with double-sided tape.

3. Then use the end of a pencil with a rubber on to push in the creases around the inside edges. Repeat the same step in the opposite direction.

3. Wrap each divider in paper using the same method until you have enough to fill the draw.

4. Place the dividers in your draw and fill them with your possessions. You can now close your draw with the peace of mind that everything is organised inside!

Image via I Heart Organizing


  1. You Will Need
  2. 1x Cereal Box
  3. 1x Ruler
  4. 1x Pen
  5. 1x Scalpel
  6. Double-sided sticky tape
  7. Gift wrap

Desk Magazine Holder

Magazine holders are great for organising loose papers, files and folders that would otherwise be accumulating on your desk until you can no longer see it! These ones are made from cereal boxes and covered in pretty gift wrap of your choice.

You can either organise your magazines and proudly display them in their holder or turn it around to neatly conceal them.


1. Draw a line on one of the smaller sides of the box around an inch from the top. Turn the box over and draw a line across the width, 4 inches from the bottom of the box. On both the front and the back of the box draw a diagonal line from the lower to the higher line. Cut along the lines with a scalpel.

2. Roll out your gift wrap with the non-patterned side facing you and use heavy objects to hold it down flat. Then place the box down on the paper. Cut along the paper making sure that there is enough to go around the entire box.

3. Place double-sided sticky tape on the box where you want to stick the paper down. Line up the edge of the box 1-2 inches from the end of the paper and press down into place.

4. Fold the smaller side up and press against the box. Slowly wrap the rest of the paper around, pressing the side against the paper as you go. When you reach the edge that you started, cut the excess paper neatly along the crease.

4. At the bottom of the box fold the smaller sides of the paper in, sticking them to the cardboard with double-sided tape then fold down and press the other two sides into place and stick down. Use a scalpel to cut off the excess paper from the rest of the box.

Image via eHow


  1. You Will Need
  2. Double-sided sticky tape
  3. 1x Ruler
  4. 1x Piece of A4 paper

Paper Basket Desk Storage

These sturdy little paper baskets only require a piece of A4 paper to make so are perfect if you’re in need of a quick hack to organise your desk.

Just the thing for storing small stationery like paperclips and erasers lying around on your desk, make them using white paper for a minimalist look or choose bright or pastel shades in line with the colour theme of your desk.


1. Fold down a piece of A4 paper in half lengthways and tear down the crease. Fold each in half again.

2. Unfold and line one of the longer sides up against the centre fold. Press flat and fold. Press flat and fold this edge over again. Repeat once more to create your strip. Tape down to secure and repeat these steps to make a number of strips.

3. Weave six of the paper strips together making sure you have equal lengths on all sides. Place the ruler along the edge of the inner square and fold over the strips to create even folds. Do this on all four sides.

4. Begin weaving in the edges using tape to stick the start to the back of one of the base strips then weave over the front of every other strip, folding each side up as you move around the centre square.

5. If your strip runs out, tape another behind one of the base strips to conceal the join and again once you reach the beginning of the weave. Repeat these steps alternating the weave to build up the sides.

6. Fold the remaining strips into the inside of the box. If you can, fold them underneath the horizontal strips or use tape to secure them down.

Image via Fall For DIY


  1. You Will Need
  2. Patterned tape in different colours
  3. Storage box
  4. Labels

Washi Tape Box

Storage boxes are handy for stashing away stationery you don’t want out on your desk. However, they’re not always the prettiest and can be quite plain. Instead, why not go to town with patterned tape to jazz them up.

With so many combinations of patterns and designs to choose from, you can decorate the boxes to reflect your personal style and add a splash of colour to your shelves or desk.


1. Starting along one side from the edge, stick the tape to the box.

2. Continue adding strips of tape to the entire box and lid using alternate colours and patterns.

2. Once finished you can add a label to the box so you know what’s stored inside.

Image via Torie Jayne

Get crafty with your stationery storage and don’t forget to share your pictures with us in the comments box below. Take a look at our full range of stationery here.

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