21 Things You'll Only Understand if You're Totally Obsessed with Pens

21 Things You'll Only Understand if You're Totally Obsessed with Pens

1. You practise your handwriting before making a first mark in a new notebook

2. You’ve spent more money on a single pen than a weekly food shop and don’t regret a thing

3. Seeing a pen with a lid that doesn’t match is enough to make your eye start twitching

4. You live in fear of the day your cartridge runs out when you are out and you have to fall back on a biro

5. You have a favourite colour ink (other than blue or black)

6. You felt a sudden newfound pride in your handwriting after receiving your very first fountain pen

7. You lie to your other half about how much you spend on pens

8. You have pens for different occasions and different paperwork

9. You’ve felt the anticipation of waiting for Lamy to announce their special editions

10. You’ve experienced the heart-stopping moment of dropping your pen on the floor and having to check whether the nib is damaged

11. You know that great pens need not be the most expensive

12. You’ve assumed someone is making a statement about themselves by their pen/ink choice and judged them for it before realising that they just picked up the nearest pen

13. You’ve posted a picture of your pen collection on Instagram

14. You love taking your fountain pen apart just so that you can put it back together again

15. You’re obsessed with watching stationery hauls on Youtube

16. You struggle to remain calm when a friend returns a pen that they’ve clearly been chewing

17. You’re strangely proud of how many unused pens you own

18. You have a secret obsession with watching calligraphy memes on the internet

19. You write 10x slower than usual when you use a new fountain pen because you want to marvel at the glorious effects

20. You have a system for displaying your pens that must not be messed with

21. You’ve shamelessly revelled in the glory of the stationery aisle

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3 thoughts on “21 Things You'll Only Understand if You're Totally Obsessed with Pens

  1. You know you love your pens when you can never part with them even if they are used up. In fact its like losing an old pal. Wah boo hoo, the very thought.

  2. I so love my pens, have about 10 cross pens, and the other day in work misplaced my best pen ever and sulked still can’t find it, felt sorry for my student nurse who was with me, it was like lossing a piece off me ?

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