20 Siriusly Impressive Harry Potter Birthday Cakes

20 Siriusly Impressive Harry Potter Birthday Cakes

Harry Potter Cake, by cakepunk.ca

Sorting Hat Cake, by highlandbakery.com

Quidditch Cake, by cakecentral.com

Nimbus 2000 Cake, by thecouchpotatomedia.wordpress.com

Harry Potter Book Cake, by pbjoachim at cakecentral.com

Marauder’s Map Cake, by bluebirdsbakehouse.co.uk

Monster Book of Monsters Cake, by mossisawesome.wordpress.com

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes, by lydiabakes.com

The Weasley Burrow Gingerbread House, by takingawhisk.com

Hedwig Cake, by rosebudcakes.com

Whomping Willow Cake, by cakecentral.com

Golden Snitch Cake, by cookingalamel.com

Harry Potter Tier Cake, by celebrate-with-cake.com

Wizard Chess Set Cake, by Brontecakes at cakecentral.com

Hagrid’s cake for Harry, by craftmarmalade.blogspot.co.uk

Hogwarts Express Cake, by thedaintybaker.com

Hogwarts’ Colours Cake, by bakingdom.com

Harry Potter cupcakes, by scrumptiousbuns.co.uk

Dumbledore Harry Potter Cake, by avaloncakesschool.com

Goblet of Fire Cake, by jmcakecraft.com

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