11 Struggles only a Stationery Addict will Know

11 Struggles only a Stationery Addict will Know

1. When someone asks to borrow a pen and you have to politely oblige even though you’re dying inside. There’s no knowing whether you’ll get it back again or if you do, what condition it will be in. Just pray that they’re not a pen chewer…

2. Making a mistake on the first page of a brand new notebook and having no choice but to rip it out.

3. The horrific moment you realise your pen has leaked all over your pencil case and there’s nothing you can do about it.

4. Spending ages writing out the perfect sentence in your best, most beautiful hand writing only to smudge it.

5. When your favourite pen runs out of ink and you have to say goodbye to it, knowing that your handwriting will never quite be the same again.

6. Losing a pen lid and having to use one from another pen that doesn’t match, or god forbid, leave it lid-less until it dries out.

7. A set of coloured pens or pencils that aren’t arranged in order of the rainbow. Who would do such a thing?!

8.An eraser that doesn’t work properly and instead makes it worse, leaving an ugly smudgy blur.

9. Having to continuously sharpen a pencil because it keeps breaking, until it ends up too small to write with.

10. When the pen bleeds through onto the next page. Enough said.

11. Not having an excuse to buy new stationery, but let’s face it – do we really need one?!

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  1. This is so damn true! A damaged 1st page always boils my blood!! Specially if it’s not a spiro bound notebook. And spending my entire salary on cool stationary is on my wishlist. #forReal

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